CTO Errands
Cancer Center Errands Worksheet
CTO Fax Coversheet
CTO fax form that should be used for all faxes.
CTO Leave Request Process
The process in order to request and record leave requests
CTO Letter Head
CTO Letter Head Electronic Template
CTO Map and Directions
Map and directions for CTO visitors.
CTO Memo Form
CTO memorandum form that should be used for all memos.
CTO Organizational Chart (Overview)
Organizational structure of the Clinical Trials Office.

Job Descriptions

Core Staff
Job descriptions


O-CTSU Times - May 2018
In this issue: First Quarter All Staff
O-CTSU Times - January 2018
In this issue: Starting the year off right…
O-CTSU Times - January 2017
In this issue: New Staff and Kids at Work
O-CTSU Times - July 2017
In this issue: O-CTSU
CTO Times, April 2015
In this issue: A Look Behind, A Look Ahead and Neoplaasms ….
CTO Times, January 2015
In this issue: Mhealthy, CRC-Data, Photos, etc…
CTO Times, August 2014
In this issue: Mystery, Mhealthy, & Munchkins
CTO Times, April 2014
In this issue: Everything changes, nothing looks the same …
CTO InSite, June 2013
In this issue: CTO Staff change roles and we welcome in the next generation
CTO InSite, December 2012
In this issue: Mentors launch Resident Experts and Janet Retires
CTO InSite, October 2012
In this issue: Wall of Health and New Additions
CTO InSite, May 2012
In this issue: SOCO, Study and Goslings?
CTO InSite, March 2012
In this issue: Appreciation and Recognition
CTO InSite, January 2012
In this issue: Quality Team, Mhealthy Program, Great and More ….
CTO InSite, November 2011
In this issue: Research Palooza, Open Houses, Moustaches and more….
CTO InSite, August 2011
In this issue: Quack Squad, Kit Magic,…
CTO InSite, July 2011
In this issue: Solid Tumor Open House, CTO Mother Goos, SOCRA Groups,…
CTO InSite, April 2011
In this issue: New CTO Group to Recognize Employees, Reg Team Open House,…

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