Department Documents

CTO Map and Directions
Map and directions for CTO visitors.
CTO Organizational Chart (Overview)
Organizational structure of the Clinical Trials Office.

Job Descriptions

Core Staff
Job descriptions


O-CTSU Times - January 2017
In this issue: New Staff and Kids at Work
CTO Times, July 2015
In this issue: Physicians, Managers and Kids ….
CTO Times, April 2015
In this issue: A Look Behind, A Look Ahead and Neoplaasms ….
CTO Times, January 2015
In this issue: Mhealthy, CRC-Data, Photos, etc…
CTO Times, August 2014
In this issue: Mystery, Mhealthy, & Munchkins
CTO Times, April 2014
In this issue: Everything changes, nothing looks the same …
CTO InSite, June 2013
In this issue: CTO Staff change roles and we welcome in the next generation
CTO InSite, December 2012
In this issue: Mentors launch Resident Experts and Janet Retires
CTO InSite, October 2012
In this issue: Wall of Health and New Additions
CTO InSite, May 2012
In this issue: SOCO, Study and Goslings?
CTO InSite, March 2012
In this issue: Appreciation and Recognition
CTO InSite, January 2012
In this issue: Quality Team, Mhealthy Program, Great and More ….
CTO InSite, November 2011
In this issue: Research Palooza, Open Houses, Moustaches and more….
CTO InSite, August 2011
In this issue: Quack Squad, Kit Magic,…
CTO InSite, July 2011
In this issue: Solid Tumor Open House, CTO Mother Goos, SOCRA Groups,…
CTO InSite, April 2011
In this issue: New CTO Group to Recognize Employees, Reg Team Open House,…

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